Why you shouldn’t Neglect Regular AC Maintenance

An expert servicing an AC unitAir conditioner breakdowns are very common especially during summer and winter. This is due to the fact that most air conditioning units are never inspected well enough after going through the extreme weather conditions of summer and winter. AC malfunctions are not only inconveniencing but also pose a threat to you and your family depending on the time of day or night they happen, the speed of professional attention and the nature of the problem.

What you must understand is that the AC is just but a piece of machinery which requires regular maintenance and inspection if it is to serve you well for longer time durations. Most AC systems come with warranties, but these warranties have conditions too. If you do not fulfill your part of the bargain by undertaking maintenance and repairs, your warranty may as well be voided. Below are some of the problems that you may face thanks to lack of inspection and repair.

Dirty Filters

Your AC filters prevent dirt, dust and other debris from clogging your system. However, with time the filters also get dirty and depending on whether they are disposable or washable, you may have to allow professionals to inspect them and recommend necessary measures. Dirty filters will certainly pollute your indoor space, clog the system coils, restrict air flow and cause your AC to work double as hard in order to deliver good service. In the long run, this makes the AC to break down or become overly inefficient.
Mold, dander and spores also contaminate the indoor air causing allergies and asthma which can have negative health effects.

Broken Electric Connections

Operating your AC with broken connections is both dangerous to your indoor safety and damaging to the entire system. Take an example of a damaged electric system. Chances of it causing an explosion and fire are very high hence unsafe for you and your family. Professionals understand how to handle such damaged components and will help clear the mess before it snowballs into something much bigger.

Dangerous Gas Leaks

Gas leakages are commonly associated with damaged AC systems. Some of the gases that are let out during these leakages pose a threat to human health. Carbon monoxide which is one of the gases that is emitted during AC leakages is poisonous because it combines with hemoglobin in the blood system resulting into a compound that limits the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. This can cause death either to you or to someone you love.

Faster Wear and Tear

AC units are built to last an average of 10 to 15 years. However, not every unit lives to attain this lifespan. One of the key reasons why they don’t is poor maintenance and inspection. Wear and tear is a normal course that all equipment takes but with proper care, the rate of wear and tear can be reduced significantly. Replacement of some of the units such as compressors can be quite expensive and hence the need to take good care of them.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure your AC system is up and running and without defects. This will reduce your utility bills, ensure excellent performance and above all guarantee you and your family quality indoor environment.

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