Why R22 Freon Is So Expensive?

R22 Freon

R22 Freon

In the current times, everyone is trying to save a coin in at least anything that he/she buys for. However, the users of r22 Freon refrigerant have got nothing to smile about due to its continued increase in price to about 300% compared to last year. The big question is why r22 Freon is so expensive now? Here are some of the reasons as to why the price of this product has gone up this year as compared to last year:

The regulations put by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is the role of EPA to govern production and importation of all refrigerants in the US. They do so by setting limits on production as well as imports in each year. However, the agency has not done so this year. Due to this, manufacturers have now been forced to produce 55% of what they produced last year. This therefore means there is a deficit of 45% in the production of r22 Freon refrigerant. This has in the event forced the prices to shoot up simply because the manufacturers are still waiting for the government to set up the limits.

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Controls from refrigerant suppliers. The suppliers of refrigerant are also regulating how much can be bought from them. Despite offering different limits of what is to be bought, most suppliers only allow a maximum of 3 30lb containers per week. There are some strict suppliers who only allow 2 containers of the same capacity per week. However, it is still amazing to see that this is happening yet some suppliers are selling stocks they bought 3 or 4 years back, at very low prices and are now charging the current prices. This has made most of these suppliers to earn up to 500% profit without taking into account that all this cost is passed onto the consumer.

The above two are the some of the reasons as to why r22 Freon is so expensive. However, if the government intervenes, things are bound to change any time and Doral air conditioning will always try to keep low prices as much as possible.


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