What Should I Look at When Buying a Multifunction Portable Air Conditioner?

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One of the important pieces of equipment in hot and humid days is an air conditioning unit. The problem with the conventional AC units is they are big and require much space which may not be available or may involve lots of comfort sacrifice. This is where a multifunction portable cooling unit comes in handy. It is a compact solution that fulfills every function of an air conditioning unit and even more. Most portable AC units have secondary functions and others are 4 in 1 models. They can cool your home, dehumidify your air, heat your environment and fan-cool it as well.

Because of their size, they are convenient and can be used in several spaces including living room, bedroom, garage, and at any place where you have a plug-in and an accessible window. They require no installation and as such cheap to operate.

Things to Look at When Considering a Multifunction Portable AC

As you contemplate getting a multifunction portable AC, there are lots of factors that you need to bear in mind. Of course the benefits of these systems including space economy and convenience makes them the go-to AC systems.

  • Energy Efficiency – The BTU and energy ratings of the AC unit will inform its capacity and appropriateness for your home.
  • Independent Functions – Look for a portable AC whose functions are independent because in this way, its efficiency is enhanced. For instance, the dehumidifying function should be independent of the cooler so that your home can be cooled without having to dehumidify it.
  • The Exhaust Mechanism – This is the component that is to be inserted in a window. You must inspect it and look at its size to ensure it fits where you want it to.
  • The Room Area – Different homes have different room sizes. When selecting a multifunction portable AC, you need to take measurements of the targeted rooms and check the capacity of the AC model. Usually, the bigger the room size, the greater the capacity of the AC required.
  • Remote Control Features – Some of the multifunction portable AC units are integrated with remote control features which enable you to adjust the comfort levels without being necessarily in the space being cooled. This gives you flexibility.
  • Parts Replacement and Availability – One of the AC components which may need regular replacement (within every three months) are the filters. You should confirm whether the filters are disposable or washable. The availability of the other components is also important so that you do not have to worry where to get some parts when your portable AC breaks down.

Apart from the above considerations, you should also look at the durability of the model and its quite operation features especially when bought for the bedroom.

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