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heating repair doral

heating repair doral

The climate in Doral consists of hot summers and mild winters. This is why as a homeowner you need to invest in the best heat pump to warm up your home. Generally, heat pumps do not produce heat of their own but rather act as carriers of heat from one location to another. Irrespective of whether your heat pump runs independently or depends on a furnace as an auxiliary source of heat, their efficiency cannot be doubted. However it is also important to note that heat pumps efficiency goes down with time because of wear and tear. While this is inevitable, you can significantly lower the rate of efficiency loss by servicing it regularly.


This is why Air Conditioning Doral exists; to provide comprehensive heat pump installation and repair services that make a difference in our customers’ homes. We have a team of trained, certified and licensed technicians who understand every component that make your heat pump systems.

Heat Pump Repair Services

In light of the needs of residents in Doral city, we have come up with a portfolio of heat pump repair services that match these needs. These services are:

Heat Pump Installation

As mentioned above, heat pumps are very important systems which you cannot ignore. Whether you are a new homeowner or an existing one, who wants to replace or upgrade their system, you need professional advice on how to acquire the new system and how to install it. If you live in Doral or its environs, you do not need to think any further because at Air Conditioning Doral, all your needs will be met. Our
professionals will assess the size of your home, your heating needs and other relevant preferences before recommending the brand and model of heat pump to install. This will ensure that the system installed measure us to your expectations concerning what you want it to do.

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Just like any machine, your heat pump also goes through efficiency deterioration as a result of wear and tear of its components. At Air Conditioning Doral, we advise our customers to register and be part of our services plans. We have several maintenance plans that run throughout the year and homeowners can easily fit in without much financial sacrifice. These services plans guarantee them of regular service of their systems and this prevents breakdowns.

However, in case your heat pump breaks down, our technicians are ready and able to handle it. We have mobile response crews that are able to diagnose any model or make of your heat pump. The set of equipment we come with makes the repair process faster and much more accurate.

If you believe that your furnace or heat pump requires services or you would like to discuss a new installation with our technicians, get in touch with us today and we shall assign you to a fully certified HVAC professional.