Offering Credible HVAC Services, Doral FL

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Air Conditioning Doral is the most professional and preferred heating, ventilating and air conditioning company in Doral city, Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our operations in Doral span a number of years and everyone here can testify how thorough and reliable our technicians are. In our business philosophy, developing long-term relationships is what concerns us the most. We view our customers as partners in our business and as such we need to keep them close and guarded.

Our professionals take pleasure in getting the job done. Whether you want a heating tune up, AC repair or indoor air quality audits, we have it all! Air Conditioning Doral technicians will be at your beck and call and will get the job done right without second guesses.

We fully understand the role your home plays in your life and that of your family. This is why we take special care to make it comfortable and value adding. We personally assure our clients that we stand by then as far as their HVAC needs are concerned.

What Makes Us Different?

Air Conditioning Doral stands out in its own space when it comes to the people working with us, our commitment to excellence, and our standards. Our focus is on providing our customers with what they exactly want. Our staffs are friendly, professional and honest in all they do. In short, we are setting the bar when it comes to quality heating and air conditioning.

What You Should Expect From Us

As a company, we delight in transparency so that our clients can know beforehand what to expect from us. In this way client-company contentions can be minimized if not completely eliminated. Among the things to look forward from our services include:

  • On Time Service
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Up Front Pricing
  • Factory Trained and Nationally Certified experts
  • Uniformed Employees
  • Fully Stocked Trucks
  • Respect For Your Home

Our Human Resource Policy

We only hire from the best in the industry. This means as our client, you should not worry about the people we send to your home for HVAC repairs. This is because all of them go through a thorough recruitment policy and background check before being taken in as employees. Irrespective of their certification levels, we take them through re-training and refresher courses so as to further build their capacity and bring them up to speed with the industry development. This makes their skills relevant and capable of solving real problems.

Complaints and Feedback

We encourage our customers to send in their complaints and recommendations to us because in doing so we shall be able to know the areas we need to look at in a bid to fine tune our services. Remember as our customer, you are at the centre of our focus inasmuch as we look at bigger picture ahead. We have a robust feedback mechanism that ensures every single issue you raise is dealt with comprehensively. We do follow-ups with the client to ascertain they are satisfied.

At Air Conditioning Doral, we do the simple things but in an extraordinary manner. Let us know how we can partner with you to make your home a better place for and your family.